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About Camano Trawlers

We love Camano Trawlers! Bob Warman designed these innovative, compact, go-anywhere cruisers and established a line that achieved remarkable commercial success. Hundreds of the 31s have been built and are cruising North America and as far afield as Scandanavia and Germany. The original line, which expanded to include the Camano 41 model were known for several hard-to-beat features:

• A balance of sturdy, simple design with surprisingly roomy comfort in a small trawler.

• Tough, long-lasting construction quality.

• Incredible ease of operation, with great visibility and handling.

• A large flybridge (also offered without a flybridge in the Gnome model).

• Reliable and efficient single-diesel propulsion, with a protective keel and skeg.

• A unique “keelform” hull shape that provides a lower center-of-gravity, better tracking, and more economical semi-displacement operation that other designs.

After all these years the Camano design remains unique and advantageous. Other competitive designs for small cruisers have emerged which emulate the workboat-like appearance but are not equal in their hull stability and sturdiness. Until you’ve operated a Camano it’s hard to fully appreciate the distinctive benefits of this hull shape.

Meanwhile Bob Warman’s fundamental Camano design lives on in contemporary and evolving new boat versions — Bracewell Boatworks with its Bracewell 41 and Helmsman Trawlers with its 31 Sedan.

Waterline Boats of Seattle and Boatshed (with its many brokerage licensees worldwide) have been active in selling Camanos, Bracewells, and Helmsman and know these boats well. We’ve hosted Camano rendezvous, we’ve met with many dozens of owners to gain direct insight and knowledge, and we’ve cruised these boats. We are simply the best for marketing and selling these fine boats, with superior knowledge, wider reach, and the most effective online presentations and customer relationship tools in the business.

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